Cheedi Maar

‘Cheedi Maar’ is an animation directed and animated by Vivek Das along with a bunch of talented students from DSK Supinfocom, India.

The animation is set in India and tells the tale of a trio of criminals in an outlandish situation.

To stay true to the ethnic backdrop, I delved into Indian/Bollywood genres for the score.

Composing for “DEFEND YOUR FRIEND” (PS4/PC/Mac)

I’m back in the studio and scoring for a wonderful new game being developed by ‘Frenemies’ (a team of talented students based at NHTV Breda in the Netherlands) !!!

DEFEND YOUR FRIEND IMAGEDEFEND YOUR FRIEND  (PS4/PC/Mac) is a co-op puzzle game where two mysterious beings help one another to escape from the ancient temple in which they are imprisoned.

It is puzzle-packed, visually stunning and is so accessible in getting non-gamers and gamers working together and having fun!

The team have already won the Indie Development Award 2016, and have been working hard to get the game to you by the end of the year.

It is also up on Steam Greenlight – so go check it out and show your support!

The trailer should give you a taster of the wonderful things to come (NOTE – music in the trailer was composed and performed by Dejan Dukovski and not me!!)


Performance : A Life in Art

I’ve uploaded a live performance of ‘A Life in Art’ from Kimberley.

This is a piano arrangement of the score and also features a cameo from my cat Leonardo. He often likes to sit on the keyboard or jump onto my studio desk during recording sessions !!

‘Kimberley’ was animated and directed by wonderful friend and collaborator Callie Booth.

Callie wanted a tender, gentle and heart-warming piece of music for Kim, and so the piano seemed perfectly placed at the core of the musical backdrop.


Performance : Brock’s Nocturne

I recently recorded a performance of ‘Brock’s Nocturne’ – a mini-nocturne written for my newborn nephew Brock.

As much as it was written to help Brock catch some Zzzs, I hope you can use it to help soothe your mind before bedtime 🙂

Hear it on soundcloud:


p.s. my t-shirt was from

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Dindrane’s Theme

It’s been eight years since I uploaded a performance to youtube!! The BG&E community and fans of my original arrangement have been so encouraging, and so I feel like this was the right time to get back into performance videos!

Syncing the filming via an old macbook laptop to the line-in recording on my iMac wasn’t the easiest, but perhaps this will encourage me to invest in a new camera.

This piece was written for The ATARIOWL Project . Recently, I’ve gotten more interest in the piece and people wanted to know if I could still play it.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

PS This is to be the first of many new performances I want to upload to my youtube channel.