“Nine Coo Five” with Anye Chen and the team at AUB

I’ve just completed the score for an adorable animation produced by Arts University Bournemouth.

Here’s a little bit about it –

Nine Coo Five : “In a gloomy city square, a struggling artist tries to make a living through his chalk drawings. Although unable to captivate the bustling businessmen and women around him, he forms an unlikely friendship with a pigeon who becomes inspired by his work…”


Anye Chen (director – anye.co.uk) and her team at Arts University Bournemouth are in the final period of finishing up the animation.

It will be premiered at AUB in June and later on at the BFI in London in July, before entering the festival circuit.


Lately, I’ve been collaborating with students at the University of Central Florida (UCF) to write some music for an animated film they are producing.

‘Ukelayla’ is the heartwarming story of a little girl who is affected by Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). The team at UCF have devoted countless hours towards producing an animation that will raise awareness about CAS globally.

Ukelayla poster

The film is almost complete and should be wrapping up by the end of April!

Please support them and their endeavours and check out their page to find out more about the film:


Beyond Good and Evil Piano Arrangement (2017) !!!!

Hey all!

To celebrate the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2, I decided to re-upload my old arrangement from back in the day :)

The sound quality wasn’t great the first time round…nor was the camera work (!!), so it needed a redo. What better time to upload it?!

Those of you who know me will know how much I love this game, and how I channelled that through an arrangement I made exactly 10 years ago!!! The arrangement led me onto a myriad of adventures, friendships and so much more. Christophe Heral’s OST remains the most influential and important to me on my journey as a musician and composer.

I really hope you like my new live performance ! This is for all of the team and the fans :)

Thanks Ubisoft for never giving up on BG&E. The original will always remain a favourite across many generations of gamers :)

Trailer for ‘Defend Your Friend’

My studio has finally been unpacked, decorated and is functional! I have recently finished up an animation, and also in a few weeks, I will be back to working on ‘Defend Your Friend’.

Frenemies released the new trailer, and we should all be on target for a late 2017 release! Check it out below – it has an abbreviated version of the main theme (feat. the awesome Reckoner27 on cello).


Hi everybody!

I have uploaded the ‘Main Theme’ for DEFEND YOUR FRIEND and it features Reckoner27 on cello!

Apologies for the lack of updates otherwise ; I’ve been ridiculously busy with work, composing for the DYF OST, caring for a poorly cat AND moving house. Yep – when it rains it pours..

However, the exciting news from me is that I can finally reveal that I have some collaborators on the OST. I have been so unbelievably excited about this and wanted to wait until the first track was uploaded to spill the beans!!

First up is Reckoner27, an incredibly talented cellist from Montreal.

Reck has her own youtube channel:


She is one of my star soloists for the OST. You will hear her work on the whole soundtrack, so please do support her channel. She is gifted arranger of anime OSTs and has a selection of her beautiful performances on her channel (my personal fave is her Inuyasha medley).

DYF will have a slightly postponed release due to the extensive work that is going into the game. Frenemies have slated the release for the second half of 2017. Trust me, there will be no rest for the wicked, as we have a lot to achieve!

I have another collaborator who shall remain a mystery for now, but as soon as the track is ready, we will be ready for the reveal :)

Please stay tuned and support Frenemies!

They really are working their socks off, whilst also having to complete their degrees!!!


Cheedi Maar

‘Cheedi Maar’ is an animation directed and animated by Vivek Das along with a bunch of talented students from DSK Supinfocom, India.

The animation is set in India and tells the tale of a trio of criminals in an outlandish situation.

To stay true to the ethnic backdrop, I delved into Indian/Bollywood genres for the score.

Composing for “DEFEND YOUR FRIEND” (PS4/PC/Mac)

I’m back in the studio and scoring for a wonderful new game being developed by ‘Frenemies’ (a team of talented students based at NHTV Breda in the Netherlands) !!!

DEFEND YOUR FRIEND IMAGEDEFEND YOUR FRIEND  (PS4/PC/Mac) is a co-op puzzle game where two mysterious beings help one another to escape from the ancient temple in which they are imprisoned.

It is puzzle-packed, visually stunning and is so accessible in getting non-gamers and gamers working together and having fun!

The team have already won the Indie Development Award 2016, and have been working hard to get the game to you by the end of the year.

It is also up on Steam Greenlight – so go check it out and show your support!

The trailer should give you a taster of the wonderful things to come (NOTE – music in the trailer was composed and performed by Dejan Dukovski and not me!!)


Performance : A Life in Art

I’ve uploaded a live performance of ‘A Life in Art’ from Kimberley.

This is a piano arrangement of the score and also features a cameo from my cat Leonardo. He often likes to sit on the keyboard or jump onto my studio desk during recording sessions !!

‘Kimberley’ was animated and directed by wonderful friend and collaborator Callie Booth.

Callie wanted a tender, gentle and heart-warming piece of music for Kim, and so the piano seemed perfectly placed at the core of the musical backdrop.